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Haven’t felt so lost,
Though I feel so deceived,
The only thing I need is me,
All the advertising I see,
Create a belief of what I need,
But the only thing I really need,
Is me,
How lost is lost,
Maybe going to therapy,
Will help me find them,
I walk this earth eyes wide open,
But feeling like a blind man,
What’s next,
What’s that,
Who did what,
Who dating who,
Just a few of the pools,
I feel I get sunken into,
How deep is the cut,
For me to know how bad the bleed,
The only person I need is me,
Free my mind,
Open my senses,
Never fake my cries,
You can’t finish my sentences,
I need help,
Only the deaf,
Seem to be the only ones that hear my screams,
For it’s not just my voice,
But looking into my actions,
To see what they truly mean,
The things I go through,
Are constant for me,
As it is for others,
If I don’t find help,
Who knows what follows,
I don’t just need me,
I need others too,
That believe and encourage me,
Commit to the follow up,
And the follow through,
And truly sees me.

Photo by christopher lemercier
Photo by Stephany Lorena

*Note: I been reading a few articles recently about male suicide numbers rising, and links to mental health problems, relationship problems, arguments and other personal crisis. I was inspired to write this piece for suicide and mental health awareness. Even though these goes for all humans are a very big problem, and you never what someone is going through day to day. The struggles for people tend to run deep and also not, for a trigger or a stressor for you may be light, but for someone else it’s heavy. I truly hope we help others find help, and check in on our friends, family, co-workers, with warm thoughts and positive affirmations that may lighten their days.

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