Daily Archives: December 9, 2022


So let me let you know what the opening is,
I call I text, I get no answer from my friends,
Seems like we just pen pals,
Texting playing phone tag,
Hoping one of us don’t hold back,
And answer calls,
It’s seem this is what living life involves,
Scared of the people we care about,
These are not the things we hear about,
All true though,
Distractions clutter our lives,
We have no clue though,
Real conversations don’t actually exist,
Now we in this ish,
Life is like this,
Wake, Eat, Work, Shit,
Who really hears our heart beat,
Stressed about the world,
We seem to have no relief,
Grief clouts our life,
Seems like there is no good deed,
No words spoken,
Going nowhere fast,
Having no speed,
Wish I could get so high,
But have no weed,
Is it time to let go?

Photo by yang miao

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