LIFE JOURNAL #1 – My First Home Soccer Game of the 2023 Season

Today was a fun day. It had some many lows but the few highs I had really jumped off the page. I went to work and grab a few extra hours. I really had to put some thought and energy into my day today. Being in management I am big into hold my team and myself accountable. It’s not fair play when someone is trying to get over and manipulate the systems we create that benefits the team.

So as a awesome manager I am, I had to create time to document some write ups for a few team members. It’s not a big deal for me, as I have so much training building team and feel amazing when the team comes together to win together. So if we have a few bad habits going around, they are in need of coaching and guidance in the right direction, and I am on par for that.

The biggest HIGH of the weekend, is going the first home game for my US MLS Soccer Team, NYCFC. If you didn’t know I am a huge soccer fan, technically football fan, ha ha, there will always be jabs of the correct football game. Anywho, I almost couldn’t find parking in time to make it to the game as off course I was running late, as I was enjoying one of the best mid day naps in life. But it worked out, I arrived right on time at the start of the game. GOD opened up a random parking spot for me, and I was saved. I mean I was looking for like 45 mins driving around and around. So actually I was on time, I just didn’t find parking.

I enjoyed a good meal and beverage, and celebrated with the team scoring and winning our first game so it was very exciting. Then poof I was home writing this mini life journal entry of an exciting day.

I will be posting videos and photo here later as I make this a trend. But all the fun cool in the moment videos and photos are on my Instagram, so go follow me there. 🙂 <—– FOLLOW ME 🙂

I hope you all are having a good and safe weekend, until next time, read, sleep and be sweet to everyone.

Photo by Tareq Ismail

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