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An Artist’s Struggle of 2011, Jixi Fox

It’s been a very tough year being myself on a creative side.  I have idea after idea not to see them produce into results.  The pain of not being recognized for my true talents has been getting to me a little bit.  Entertaining others and making sure everyone has a good time is what I what to do and is very good at but I haven’t gotten the chance to do so.

I can’t say the whole year was a bust, even though a fighting through my infamously known, “Fall Curse of Fail Productivity” ummm that’s just some name I made up to represent that every fall project I have had for the last 3 years were failures.  When I say failure, I don’t mean of the creative side, but  the deliver and being ready on time.

I am ready to break curse, I am ready to be me, I am ready to overcome my struggles and unleash my creativity, to entertain the world.  My album is on the way and so is my book.

The Burna Effect EP (music album)

Elementary Beginnings: Soulful Jazz Funk

Mystic Mirrors (poetry book)

Thanks to everyone who supports me, I really appreciate it.



Sexy Girls Be Mine – Jixi B

Me N You Rap-A-Thon – Jixi  Fox

PS: Check out Spoken Word Thursday and Cypher Sunday…they are new series and shows and are official as of this week…stay tuned.

– Its Jixi