20 yr old – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



I am a menace much similar to the kid called Dennis,
Nobody can claim what I say all up in my sentence,
Busy as I bee is what they claim I am always is,
Can’t sleep not for a second is what it always is,
Hitting dem books, and counting them stacks,
Collecting them checks, putting cash up in the bank,

I am a multi-action kind of a dude,
No one knows me quite true,
Got stuff I am trying to do times two,
I am out all night, you checking in at curfew,

High school 3.7 already claimed,
Smashed couple sweet honies that loved to say my name,
College close to 3.0 already saved,
At 19 have my own company billed in my name,
Adding digits with digits you all look at my check,
Couple more months and years, I will be fresh out of debt,
Ice grilled on the streets cause I started from scratch,
Life as a hustler to dame is just the dash,
F all the talk about credit, give me cash,
Adding to my fame and fortune and call it my stash,
Moving so fast people thinking I am the flash,
The road is going to be rough watching out trying not to crash.


20 yr old
by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

(*Note (backstory)): Just the thoughts of myself at the age 20.  I felt proud of my moves and where my future will carry me.)

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2 thoughts on “20 yr old – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

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