The Essence of Bills (Minimum Wage) – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]




Wasn’t it great when you was a kid,

Your momma probably told you not to do certain things but you still went and did,

Cuz life was fun and full of jokes,

Like riding on the highway with your bike with only 6 spokes,

But then you got older and there is more stuff to do,

Some of them didn’t matter cuz you just got an extended curfew,

You could chill, relax, watch TV, and sleep,

After school jumping in puddles cuz the weren’t so deep,

But then again you got older and there more stuff to be got,

A phone, chain, new watch,

Pants, Shoes, and Socks,

Then you need dough so you hit up mom dukes and pops,

But they dead broke cuz damn they got bills,

You still eyeing that ice out chain which gives you the chills,

Then the older you get, got to get yourself a job,

It’s funny how many people name is bob,

Minimum wages with cash ain’t getting you shit,

You just got qualified for a credit card now you the shit,

Then you decided to get a whole lot of them real quick,

But they ain’t tell you that F’s up your credit,

Bill one in the mailbox damn you got to pay,

You still buying new things to look fly everyday,

If someone said that this was gonna happen earlier, you would have said no way,

Now you stuck on minimum wage with a stack of bills you have to pay, bills.


The Essence of Bills (Minimum Wage)
by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

(*Note (backstory)): We all been through it, bills, debt, splurging, ballin on a budget, going HAM on credit cards.  This just a reminder to warn the future generation about spammers and how to stay debt free.


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