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Bragging Rights – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



I am cocky,
I know it,
So I always show it,
I can style on you,
Buy what I want to,
Kick your ass,
Beat your best,
In some video games,
I control the noob population,
I eliminate them now and then
My phrases grow longer as I speak them,
I got no words,
So I stick out my tongue,
I laugh in your face,
I smack your ice cream on the ground,
You can’t grin or smile,
Because it’s me you dislike,
I am the man,
Listen up your attention needed,
So stare if you may,
Not too hard that’s lame,
If I was,
I would wink back,
I am in your house,
Raiding your fridge,
I kick my feet on your couch,
Say something bish,
I am in control,
I am quite bold,
This shiz don’t get old,
I win all the hands,
My bragging rights will never fold.

Bragging Rights
by: Jixi Fox

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