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Cheesy Lines

I like you, you so sexy like a teddy bunny,
I wish I could taste you, are you yummy?
Maybe so good, you would twirl in my tummy,
I think I like so much, I love you, wanna meet my mommy?

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Mind Full of Mine Fields – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



My mind echos my retarded thoughts,
Fixed ambitious of actions I call upon,
We meet, we create a strategy,
We attack, and be beat down,
All opponents, scared or brave,
Their counteract are strong,
Leaving mines on my field,
I am mindful of their ways,
Wanting to blow me up,
Back to my past days,
Or in ways I don’t exist,
So each second, minute, hour, I create,
Explosive ways to set me along my way,
Trials and errors, flawed transitions,
I fight hard to exist,
I know if I am not mindful of mine ways,
As I am of everyone else,
A mine might set off,
Then I will no longer have a mind.

Mind Full of Mine Fields
by: Jixi Fox

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