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By Nature – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



By nature, I am a king, so I wear the crown,
I am a happy soul, so I wear a smile not a frown,
The day blends with the night, I dream everywhere I go,
I keep my life consistent everything I do goes with the flow,
I think, I create, I debate, I execute,
I try, I fail, I try again, I aim to win not to lose,
Mirrors shows the side of me, I though was always hidden,
I don’t like to just to receive and take, to the world I have always given,
Love, entertainment, advice and even some random wordplay,
Poetry, free verse, metaphors, comedy are within the realm I stay,
I wear what I like to everyone’s surprise, be random is hell,
I live for my freedom, no thoughts not expressed, locked or jailed,
A free bird by nature, I spread my wings, so I fly,
Can’t stay underground for ever so I aim high in the sky,
No limits, no borders I emerge once again a king,
Life is too short, and can be too long, but always end, FIN.

By Nature
by: Jixi Fox

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Don’t Run Away From My Love

I gave her my heart, but she left it a stray,
I showed her love she never had but she ran away,
I try to chase her to make her stay but there was no point,
She left me heartbroken, but she couldn’t so broken was her heart.

– Jixi Fox