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I remember this one time I went to my friends Rey Rey’s house,
It was up in the hood,
I swore I saw something looking like an alien chilling in his mother’s blouse,
My world from then on wasn’t all good,
Don’t worry about her blouse though,
That creeped me out it crawled right into her stocking,
Quite shocking was my face because not a word I did say,
I don’t want this damn alien reading my mind and everything I say,
I don’t play, it was weird I got the hell up out of there,
I wonder if I was to be abducted would anyone would really care?
But really though what was that? A dog, cat or mouse oh snap that rhymes with blouse.

Oh yea, I don’t think Rey Rey would be my friend, via the thoughts me and his mom though, Yup, a weird and awkward moment it would be…


It’z Jixi

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Problem – Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea


Problem - Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

It’s never easy pimpin,
Because pimpin ain’t easy,
I hate when the wind is so breezy,
Because so breezy be the wind,
I laugh I cry and die and then repeat,
Life be kind of crazy with so many thots up in the street,
So I fade, go deep, leap huge buildings and just flee,
You couldn’t catch me doing rubbish I am immune to these streets,
My girl be acting up, until I tell her I am about to leave,
The next time I look, she got me in the bedroom begging on my knees,
I pass out, I wake up and happy is my mood,
Thanks to Pharrell that song has got me in a groove,
I dodge bullets Matrix, I even stop them on my chest,
Who the hell could have known that I would turn out to be the best…  (in the world that is)


It’z Jixi

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