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katy perry - dark horse juicy j

I bossing on the scene, green etnies and marc ecko tee,
Styling on them aka wilding on them like I am a fiend,
My network booming and so was the bass from the back of my truck,
I didn’t see these lames coming but I knew just when to duck,
They try to recruit me aka they tried to shoot me,
I don’t run away, can’t nobody move me,
They want to tap into the greatness I am building,
They want to get the keys to the building I am building,
So I attack them with a pitch, threw their ass in a ditch,
So going to have to miss me snitch, Imma do me until I am rich,
So catch a shade and watch me be bright just like the sun,
You going to understand my greatness right when I am done.

Hold on you dark horses…


It’z Jixi

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dawn of planet of the apes

So when I was younger I thought I was the shiz,
I mean I use to go around beating my chest real hard,
Until one day, and I do mean one day,
This shorty saw me,
She was like damn homie, you beating your chest real hard,
I said to the shorty,
I beat my chest because I am one big bad mother fudger,
She was like, what is that?
I said you don’t know a mother fudging thing do you girl,
She was like impressed and not impressed by the words I was saying,
So I showed her how big and bad I was,
I threw a pebble so freaking hard at a coconut in a tree,
That joint drilled a hole in the coconut,
And juice fell from the sky and I drank it,
She was like damn, that’s hot can I get some,
I was like nah shorty, back then you didn’t want me,
But now I am hot and drinking coconut juice from the sky,
You all on me.


It’z Jixi

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