Daily Archives: July 14, 2014



I see the lames be out,
I got my bangs with me now,
I let them loose go crazy on a beat,
Once I hear the melody I release,
All my ambitious, get into debt with tuition,
I am missing on the pay back,
I am on a beach in Jamaica laid back,
I duck one lame, another pops it’s head,
I duck two lames, I eliminate them all, ooops dead.


It’z Jixi

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chris brown loyal

I was trying to settle down with my bae,
I use do things to her to put her in a phase,
She praised me, loved me with all that she got,
Next thing I know she with another dude on my block,
I said, what you tripping, no loyalty given,
Whipping her ass around like a KFC bucket finger licking,
A fudge she has not given,
I am lost and in a maze,
A gaze I read behind the lines,
These girls aint loyal,
Is what I saw on my instagram page,
In a jiffy I took a pic,
Of myself dressed up quick,
I out in a jif,
You don’t got to call chick.


It’z Jixi

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