Daily Archives: July 17, 2014



So I dating this one chick,
So was my main chick,
Until I fooled around and got a side chick,
A chick on the side,
She was like side piece,
I took a bite once in a while,
My main chick the main course,
I dine with her like all the time,
Until the side piece wanted to be the main dish,
I was like bish, no I you not ready,
But she was convinced she was,
My main lady heard about my the side piece,
And ordered up a can of whoop ass,
And left an ass whooping just for me,
The two chick can’t exist,
And so can’t I if I am double dipping,
So without tripping my main chick decided to leave,
She left so fast all I felt was the breeze,
So now I am down on my knees,
Wife-less like geez,
Why was I so greedy,
Was it because my body was so needy,
Now the side piece wants to be the full course trying to feed me.


It’z Jixi

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It’s summer time and the heat is out,
I am at the pool and my meat is out,
So I am grilling, it’s such a great feeling,
I got two shorties on each side of me wind milling,
I am trying to stay cool,
I am cooking the food,
The thirst is about to begin,
I do this every year with my friends,
So soon as we turn down, we turn up again,
We grand master like flash,
We let the records spin,
Everybody having fun,
By the pool side on the beach is where the party is.


It’z Jixi

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