So I dating this one chick,
So was my main chick,
Until I fooled around and got a side chick,
A chick on the side,
She was like side piece,
I took a bite once in a while,
My main chick the main course,
I dine with her like all the time,
Until the side piece wanted to be the main dish,
I was like bish, no I you not ready,
But she was convinced she was,
My main lady heard about my the side piece,
And ordered up a can of whoop ass,
And left an ass whooping just for me,
The two chick can’t exist,
And so can’t I if I am double dipping,
So without tripping my main chick decided to leave,
She left so fast all I felt was the breeze,
So now I am down on my knees,
Wife-less like geez,
Why was I so greedy,
Was it because my body was so needy,
Now the side piece wants to be the full course trying to feed me.


It’z Jixi





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