deliver us from evil

Okay, so this girl I know,
Always calling me,
Always texting me to go out,
Until one day I said yes,
I said fudge it,
She wants me,
She be begging,
Why not give her want she wants,
This chick took me to the worse afternoon brunch in my life,
I just couldn’t escape this girl after that,
She took me to a hypnosis seminar,
Me being stupid and curious went along,
I figure shoot, they might teach me how to make money,
You see where I failed at already,
But anyways,
Long story she set me up,
Everywhere I go I see her,
Even even heard she did this to a fleet of men,
We tried to huddle to over take her and get it reversed,
But she took off into another beast in our heads,
I mean I see her everywhere,
I see her in like the weirdest positions,
I see her feeding me grapes and I am not even the body she is feeding,
I saw like 9 clones of me and she making them breakfast,
C’mon son, BREAKFAST?
Women still make those for their man?
Anyways, straight horrible,
Okay I think I might have to come up with a better plan,
She is killing me with these imaginary.


It’z Jixi






1 thought on “DELIVER US FROM EVIL

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