Jixi Fox - Last Action Hero - Photography Art

Welcome to Jixi Fox’s Exclusive Feature of the Month of August, for the 10th, titled “Last Action Hero” for Jixi Fox is truly the last action comedic free-verse improv hero.  Check out this exclusive post here:

Jixi Fox - Last Action Hero - Photography Art

Jixi Fox - Last Action Hero - Photography Art

Last Action Hero

From zero to hero,
The future seems timid,
There is going to be a lack of creativity,
Unless, I am up in it,
Call me Y2J or the new Jackie Chan,
The stuntman who does all the action,
Slaying everybody according to the script,
But I flipped it, ripped it, stripped it,
If there is a line I skipped it,
I am up front, with my words,
No need to fall back, I spit facts,
No loose feelings or emotions everything is intact,
I’m the front-runner, parkour, racks below my belt,
Thirst trapping females my skills is my wealth,
No begging you a dollar like DMX, belly,
Tougher than John McClane, you soft like jelly,
If I had 24 hours to live everything I would give,
I’m the black Jack Bauer, me and Chloe is going to get through it,
You can shoot at me with bullets or missiles from Iraq,
I ain’t going nowhere no need to say “I’ll be back”.

I hope you enjoyed…

See you at the next exclusive event on the 20th.

Photography by: Marlon ( /
Editing by: Jixi Fox
Location: New York City

Thanks for supporting creativity & art,

It’z Jixi





5 thoughts on “LAST ACTION HERO – @jixifox

    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      I know right…Its coming to my youtube channel soon. I wanted to shoot a visual to go with it since I am a music video director. It’s tough to create all the works and release them in a big way. So only if I release them as a project or single release based on how great they are, it would be too much to handle.

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