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Free Verse – Hip-Hop – UnFoldEd

Jixi Fox - Free Verse Hip-Hop


Known for taking your lunch money after school,
Always against the grain,
Literally went chaotic when I hop off the plane,
In the city where everybody claims to be king,
With more losses than they got wins,
Grinning in my face thinking I was planning to spray them with mace,
An escape into the realm,
Of creativity and evolving into masterpiece,
To infinity and beyond, call me buzz light,
You burn slow, I burn bright,
Ready to take anyone on I am truly the nemesis,
No amateur at what I do,
You just ain’t see me do what I do,
Until I unfold in front of you,
Are your eyes open yet?

Written by: Jixi Fox
Photography by: RawMultimedia

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