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Spoken Word – Hip-Hop – LOSING BODIES

Jixi Fox - Spoken Word


It seems everyday I look we losing bodies,
Bodies just wasted,
Left on the ground,
Bodies out at sea,
Can’t even be found,
Drowned in sorrow we try hard for reform,
Another body gone,
A little one didn’t even make it out the womb to be born,
Bodies here, bodies there,
Bodies everywhere caught in the gossip,
Talking foolishness get money quick schemes,
Swipers credit card fraud,
Their minds can’t be seen,
Brain washed zombies,
It seems we in the walking dead,
Bodies in poverty can’t even be fed,
A society can’t be led,
We better off dead,
Just maybe,
If I asked the new generation to read these bars,
They would seek for wifi signals,
Bars can’t be read.

Written by: Jixi Fox
Photography by: RawMultimedia

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