LIFE IS POETIC [#SpokenWord]

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How do I express myself,
Don’t judge me for what you don’t know,
If what you think you see is a thug,
Watch how this thug poetry inspire a generation as a whole,
My lyrics are raw, uncut and unmatched,
Energy flowing through my pen, no caps,
I create sounds and life through my verses,
I expand minds and express emotions through my cursing,
Can I be real with out, or you want fake stories,
Sorry I gave you choice, you get non here,
When it’s my life and my reality,
It’s only one way you can get it,
Life is poetry and artistic,
Just how I see it,
Is the same way you going to get it,
All eyes on me.

Jixi Fox


Photo Image: Tupac
Photo Credit:
 To whom is its rightful copyright owner.


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