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I was the best at mathematics,
I even traveled 16 blocks,
With my bag pack and headphone on,
Listening to hip hop,
Counting and memorizing bars,
I am always down for the conscious raps,
I lived in the city that’s a trap,
That tried to hold me down,
But my creative mind had my back,
Just a like a light switch I flipped,
Pulling off momentous tricks,
Remembering when no one gave me a buck,
For I was a virgin at my craft,
Now I look back it everything laughing,
As how everyone is now calling my math,
Instant gratification,

Jixi Fox


Photo Image: Mos Def
Photo Credit:
 To whom is its rightful copyright owner.


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2 thoughts on “IF MEMORY SERVED ME WELL [#SpokenWord]

    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      I am…I got a few CDs on the ways and visuals. Just warming up with the Feebies on my site of exclusives copyrighted then they will be available on soundcloud, youtube, and bandcamp.

      Liked by 1 person


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