I came out the whip like whoa,

My girl was like oh no,

I was like what the fudge you mean oh no,

She said, yo you poh ni$$a,

I was like no Ni$$a,

But her eyes widened,

So I took back what I said,

It  was a like Face off,

Because my paws went dead,

I said,

I could of put them paws on you,

She was “like nahhhhh”

You stupid,

I was like Cupid?

He shot me,

Why he did that,

Oh noooo,

She was because….

She took a break,

Like a kit kat,

I was like because what?

She took my heart, money, donkey and fled,

That means I got no acres,

She was darth,

Like vador…

Jixi Fox


Author: Jixi Fox

Hi, I'm Jixi. I'm a Free Verse Poet, Writer, Actor & Comedian, in New York City. I write poetic, lyric based storytelling creative poetry and comedic anecdotes. I enjoy meeting new people, make them laugh, create fun moments in life. Say hi some time, don't be shy. :)

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