meme - this is how dudes feel when they say I love you over the phone

Caption: This is how dudes feel when they say I love you over the phone..

meme - when you work in the work knowing your about to quit

Caption: When you walk into work knowing you’re about to quit today, and they gonna hate…

meme - when someone with coffee but don't got one for you

Caption: When someone comes with coffee but don’t got one for you…


meme - when someone mushes your face, truth is hard to handle

Caption 1: When someone mushes you in the face.
Caption 2: The truth is hard to handle when thrown in your face…

meme - when they say you check is delayed this week

Caption: When they say your check is delayed this week…

meme - the frigthen truth of no sex

Caption: The frighten truth of no sex…


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