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It’s like I touched you,
Feeling you,
Rubbing down your thighs,
To your surprise it’s only me,
You caught wind of my eyes,
Slowly seducing you with moves,
From my view,
I can see how much I mean to you,
Fantasy and lust,
If I licked my lips and smile,
That would be a plus,
Pucker up,
I am leaning in,
My words are crashing your shore like waves,
You are not even mad at me,
You are wide open for me in every way,
You find comfort in my tongue,
And the way my voice soothes you,
We sync, as a link, a pair, Bluetooth,
It’s like a wild ride we are both on,
Rhythm flowing through your body,
My words are doing the exploration,
They find you hiding,
Wanting and craving,
Just listen to my words,
As they slay,
I am sleeping over tonight,
Also tomorrow,
All day.
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