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Do I really want this?
Big lips,
Thick hips,
These things,
I see everyday,

Big booty,
No clothes,
What am I being shown,
In every way,

I can’t escape,
I tried,
Can’t hide,
But why?
It’s just the naked truth,
From the root,

So why refuse its presence,
It’s there,
It’s our kryptonite,
A weapon,
But there to enjoy,

So my answer is yes,
I would like that,
It’s seem pleasing,
Even though deceiving,
You can’t shape those lies no better,
Because you already seen the truth,
That wasn’t you last year,
Or years before,
But if it’s what you are now,
Well go ahead and bestow,
Yourself to the world,
Sensual object,

There is no shame to the game,
That sex sells,
Even if you know or don’t,
It’s what in for the moment,
Will it go or will it last,
That’s a big ass,
Sharp tailored suit,
Who shapes the world,
The youth?
But still we play,
Mostly because we have no choice,
In your own mind,
Is what you say,

But change and control,
Is hard,
So we leave that be,
And go through that door,
Waving at the crowd,
Saying I am here now,

For at times you may seem happy,
For the change,
But regrets,
Is down the lane,
Right around the corner,
At every bend,
Would it be too late,
To say sorry,
To your current past,
Of yesterday,
To be happy now?

It’s only human,
To go through these trials,
Big titties,
Sexy smile,
Hard abs,
Sculpted arms and legs,
Squat game present,
In the end,
What answer will be given?

Nah…wait for it?

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016 :  Jixi Fox

Source Image: Google Images
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