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ran off on da plug

The day I decided to run off on the plug,
I was high as hell,
I need to chill,
My life too extreme,
Just for these pills,
I know I got skills,

Quick bursts,
On foot,
Over benches,
Hopping fences,
Even chased a train,
In the rain,
Such a pain,
When you are broke,

Even had a uber plug,
Thought he was getting a payment,
That’s a dub,
Jumped out the window,
My life isn’t so fun,

Always on the run,
Even made a dance,
The club be up with that,
Run off on da plug,

It became a lifestyle,
Quite savage,
But the benefits are lavish,
Attractive are my gains,
Like I was lifting weight,
It’s great,
When you are successful,
But deadly when you are not,
I wish I could stop,

But I will let you know,
After this next job,
Wish me luck…
None for the plug…

Story by: Jixi Fox
Written by: Jixi Fox

Photo Credit: Plies

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