Trying so hard to stunt on the next brother,
Even though you came from the same mother,
You trying to show out but don’t got a clue,
They taxing you for everything that you do,
You gave up your soul at the offering,
Then trying to come home for some borrowing,
Hold a seat and sit down let me school you son,
You were to help your community you were the chosen one,
For high fives you decided to show your face,
Now you are burning and learning what you chose to forsake.
Written By: IG/FB @ixifox
Snapchat: @jixifox
Copyrighted 2016 – Jixi Fox
*Note:  This is a series for bloggers, poets, writers, and music artist to contribute as a whole and as a community each week.
Simply submit a verse/poem/prose/haiku under 100 words to be featured in the series #JixiOpenMic on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Also you can DM me @jixifox on my social networks.  Only one entry per week, and I pick the best who follows the guidelines and have a voice & words to share…

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