Coldplay host Under 1 Roof, a benefit concert in support of the charity Kids Company at the O2 Arena, London

Always on the steps,
Rocky mode,
Muscles up,
Got to be bold,
Can’t fold,
I am heavy,
I want to rock,
I know I am ready,
I am on the grind to get it,
Wait until I get to the stage,
I am making the biggest step,
Writing my name on the page,
In the book of history.
Written By: IG/FB @ixifox
Snapchat: @jixifox
Copyrighted 2016 – Jixi Fox
Image: Coldlay
*Note:  This is a series for bloggers, poets, writers, and music artist to contribute as a whole and as a community each week.
Simply submit a verse/poem/prose/haiku under 100 words to be featured in the series #JixiOpenMic on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Also you can DM me @jixifox on my social networks.  Only one entry per week, and I pick the best who follows the guidelines and have a voice & words to share…

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