Bitter Taste In Mouth

So much to say,
Judging everyone,
You did,
Forgetting the scape goat tale,
That you claim,
Saying you are fighting for free speech,
When you can’t see past your own views,
Leading the story with your own clues,
Mad because someone differs from you,
You curled up in a bubble,
Someone has troubled you,
Boo who,
All I see is people whining,
Wanting to be right but can’t,
Running their mouths,
Because they have a louder voice,
I just can’t understand,
Living in the past,
But ranting in the present,
Dumb ish,
No credibility,
I am sorry to say I have to dub it,
You need vick on your chest,
Heart beating so hard,
Do you need me to rub it?!
Okay ladies and gents,
You want to be an activist,
Here we go again,
Another angry victim,
Society has broken your collar-bone,
You lean when you talk,
Nothing straight or the facts,
How do you know the road everyone walks?
Who made you an expert at that,
I have a mouth to speak,
Trust me I will when the time is right,
Sometimes I have to kick back and collect my thoughts,
Get my mind right,
For when I say things,
I am bound to mean it,
If I just have fluff to say,
I dear not speak it,

: not filtered, not modified, processed, or refined.

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Jixi Fox

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  1. Dish With Clarissa

    I loved it!!!
    You my friend have grown so much these past few years, keep going you will get there!!! I am so proud of you Jixi. Big kisses this was bold and sharp, you keep amazing me with your poetry, I need to come back more often. Love you!!!. C~

    1. Jixi Fox

      OH MY GOSH, I love you so much as well. We are friends to the end… Thanks for the encouraging words, and of course the personal letters, I be forgetting at times how super sweet you are. You are totally amazing.


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