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fall leaves autumn 4

It is beautiful I see,
The colors, the smell,
The Fall is here,
And I am happy as can be,
There are so many things to love,
So many things I want to achieve,
Snuggle days with the boo,
Drinking apple cider checking out the tube,
New shows to watch bringing me joy,
Candy in my mouth,
Oh watch out for the baby,
Oh that’s not a toy,
Caramel apples, when last did I have that?
Apple picking time,
Jump in the wagon, it’s all packed,
Nature walks and trails will give me great photo opts,
Family time is so important,
Every moment will hit the spot,
Love is in the air,
Cuddle season and weather,
So many pies to eat,
Halloween will be so darn sweet,
Dressing up, feeling my best with the fashion,
I love the fall season so much with a passion.


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fall leaves autumn 3

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