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Happy Fall Season to all. Today is officially the first day of autumn. This is my favorite time of year and favorite season. Lot of warm drinks and cocoa, and other warm delights shall be where my comfort and coziness will be.

Another amazing thing about the autumn/fall season is the amazing tv shows and good reads to enjoy.

Do you have an favorite season?

Do you like the fall season?

Do you have any favorite tv shows or new shows you are watching currently?

micro poem:

As the time cools,
Also does my mood,
Chill moments,
Warms the heart,
Cozy, cuddle,
Hold me,
I hold you,
Together we exist.

Photo by Annie Nyle
Photo by Dennis Buchner

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I thought I forgot how to write,
Like geez,
Those moments do happen,
Writer’s block,
Like I had something to say,
Then my mind just stopped,
My pen lost ink,
My pencil point broke,
My markers dried up,
And someone stole my crayons,
Like oh nooooo,
Okay the last thing was my kid,
Who colors outside the lines,
Letting her creativity bleed,
On amazing pages,
As I cannot,
Put words to rhyme,
As she tries to share a drink of her sippy cup,
For clearly she has the juice,
And I still have no clue,
What to do,
What to write,
Fighting against my might,
Trying to write,
Just something on a leaf,
A napkin,
A piece of scrap paper,
As my haters,
Are enjoying this moment,
Even though they can’t see me,
I feel lost,
Then I looked in front of me,
And the beauty of words unfolded,
From the struggle not knowing,
These words stringed together,
To form this art piece,
I share with you. 


I lay awake,
Late at night,
Thinking of you,
Missing you,
You sexy verse of poetry,
You are filled,
To the brim,
With drip,
So drop it low to the floor,
For me,
So my eyes can explore,
Your every motion,
So I can fall asleep in bliss.