Nobody knows the struggle,
The hustle,
The growth,
Always stepping on toes,
Wont let me go,
I tried,
I cried,
I testified,
But you lied,
Saying you never knew,
You just never did nothing,
So things tend to stay the same,
I wish there was a change,
But people will never,
Know your pain,
So again,
Nobody knows,
Until you speak up,
And someone listens,
And do something about it.

Photo by Jonathan Rados

Jixi Fox

5 thoughts on “NOBODY KNOWS

      1. TamrahJo

        It is for me – it’s therapy, analyzation and pondering all into one – sometimes, I start out to write, sure i feel ‘one way’ about something, but as I write, explore tangents, edit, clarify, etc., I find a wider breadth of possibilities – and well – I rarely ‘change’ my mind on one core point, but I see so many more perspectives/possibilities in the topic, once I’ve ‘done the journey’ – and publicly posting means, I often get to read responses and ‘see the world’ through the eyes of another/a perspective, I hadn’t thought of or had no clue existed – 🙂


      1. TamrahJo

        On some topics? In today’s world? choose carefully! LOL – – I have many really good convos with folks who hold opposing views from mine, but especially after the 2020 year of additional stressors, so many are quicker to devolve to personal attacks/take offense or say, “whaddya mean by that???” in defensive posture – as a pure, reflexive act because my words or the way I said them echoed a ‘hard conversation’ of their recent past – – but when it happens? OMG! It gives me such hope! For myself, it takes a lot of energy to do – and it takes patience on the part of the other if I’m typing, chatting, etc., because I type so much and all – but when both sides truly believe the other does care for/respect them? Then it’s easier to have. One thing that continues to amaze me is how in documentaries where folks go out to speak/hold a rally and actively seek to have conversations with those protesting/disagreeing with them, how few times they re-word their question, or try to come at the question/conversation from a different angle, just to help bring ‘clarity’ to the conversation, or true communication – they just each keep saying the same exact thing and they both get frustrated, thinking the other isn’t listening and/or answering the question – and yet, really, I think they probably having a simple miscommunication – for example, in 1986, while working at a McDonalds, a man came through and ordered, specifically, 2 ‘plain’ hamburgers. I did his order, he took it, then came back and said, “I got someone else’s order – I just wanted plain ole hamburgers, ya know, with ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion…” – and I said, “Oh, sorry – when folks order plain, I assume they mean ‘hamburger patty and bun’ – and he looked surprised, and laughed, and said, “I’m from Texas – that’s what we call a ‘dry’ hamburger” – he was nice, because what he wanted wasn’t special order and it was lunch rush – I quickly switched out his burgers and he was on his way – but I have watched customers over the years not be as patient/kind as he was – we even took a moment to laugh and ponder, “wonder if there is a geographic of region cuisine line marked on a map somewhere, that tells you when ‘soda’ becomes ‘pop’ – to refer to soft drinks – or where ‘dry’ becomes ‘plain’ for ordering hamburgers – LOL


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