I will build you up,
But I will never break you,
I am will be here by your side,
I will never forsake you,
I will support and cheer you,
I will never bad mouth or hate you,
That’s the reason why I kind of want to date you,
Well not kind of,
I do,
I want to see it through,
I want to call you my boo,
I want to experience picnics,
Looking up at skies so blue,
It’s true,
Wifey in front of my eyes,
It’s not surprise,
We going to mess around and end having a child,
It wont be so wild,
If we have a few,
They will be loved, fed, happy,
When we send them to school,
Of course our friends can come through,
You got to have babysitters on deck,
We got to grind each day collecting these checks,
Invest, be our very best,
Happiness and Love can go hand in hand,
I be so happy when you rocking your wedding band,
I am like oh man,
How could a guy like me be so lucky,
It’s not about me,
But us,
With trust,
Following our gut,
There is two,
Me and you,
Everything follows,
We doing things the way we want to,
So, let’s just start…with us, together, building each other up. 🙂

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

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