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SUPER MARIO BROS. – #Videogames #Gaming #Poetry #FreeVerse

Super Mario Bros.

Me and my brother,
Be running the game center stage,
We on another page,
Battling through everything,
If you seeing me raging,
Called me Wario,
Don’t get it twisted,
My name is Mario,
Mushroom eating,
Screaming when I am speaking,
I don’t know what the deal is,
Why they keep trying to kidnap my Girlfriend,
Do they really want me to hurt them,
I spit flames,
Ooops I mean I spit fire balls,
I go underground through tunnels & pipes,
I am the underdog,
I got a friend that’s a mushroom,
But his name is Toad,
I beat everything I touch,
In each and every mode,
That’s just how the story goes,
I am on to the next level,
I got a dinosaur name yoshi,
He and my cape are the ultimate weapon,
I have so many versions,
I really dont know how to stop,
Pay with me on Smash Bros Melee,
I always come out on top,
Don’t worry I got more lines to fill,
When the sequel comes out,
Just remember to log on and sign in.

To Be Continued…

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