Daily Archives: August 7, 2022



Doing battles out of space,
Up to new extremes,
Nothing is an issue,
If I am out with my team,
One of them froggy,
And sure I am the fox,
I am fresh to death,
I am the best in and out of the box,
I got it locked,
I am ready to shoot,
The points is much better,
I am not concern with the loot,
Brute force in the arena,
I am going to get it all handled,
If you don’t like what’s going on,
Switch to another channel,
If I am being followed,
I will do a battle roll,
I am the king of this game,
If you didn’t already know,
I am on the hunt to beat bosses,
I will also save peppy,
My ship don’t damage,
Because it stay healthy.

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