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You are no match for me,
I have a killer instinct,
Simple and plain, I am nice,
But you stink.
You get no WINS.


Battles on rooftops,
I make jewels drop,
I have killer combos,
I take out the new ops,
I don’t care to bruise cops,
My roof’s gone, I need a new top,
I am a fighter, I don’t have to win,
I will just come in Midway,
Destroying amateurs,
I have a new play,
Game on,
I make combo breakers,
You can’t run the game like me,
I have to see you later,
Bye bye alligator,
I am so bone thugs,
I am spinal,
You don’t want it with me,
Then again I am your rival,
I am suicidal,
I risk my finisher to beat you,
My whip is tinted,
It’s not a see thru,
But I see you,
I cause Avalanches,
So icey they call me Glacius,
I am so hot like Cinder,
No circumference I am Radius,
I run circles on my foes,
Keeping them on their toes,
I mad at life like my woes,
I am beating the game you already know,
It’s really sad they try to kill my Orchid,
Rage quit after an ass whip, aborted,
I claw the enemies Wolf like call me Sabre,
I don’t need the help, I requested no favors,
I am going so crazy it’s sad,
People just mad,
Ooops your dead,
Oh my bad.


This game feature is a ODE to my late cousin. He was such a beast in this game. We use to battle over and over on SNES. I mean this game was so mean, and vicious, it was like OMG WOW. The stoppable finishers, and sound effects and action on the screen was game changing. One of the best fighting games ever. My favorite character was Spinal and Orchid. My cousin was super nice with Fulgore and Cinder.

About The Series:

These verses of poetry, lyrics and storytelling are light jabs of creativity. There are some lines that of tap of humor, or a combo punch, or just a knock out punch. I am a creative writer, I write about anything and add my own twist and flavor to the world. People, ideas and things of the world inspire me to write. There is nothing like connecting with people and sharing your art & style. I truly hope you enjoy what your read. 🙂

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