Daily Archives: August 2, 2022



Whether I am Joel or Ellie,
I am getting to the heart or the belly,
Don’t be silly,
I am solving puzzles in the dark,
While you stand around being silly willy,
So don’t make a sound,
Silence is golden,
The struggle is real,
It’s all about survival,
When you become the best to ever do it,
You are labeled an icon,
You can’t be suicidal,
And go out in the blaze of glory,
We all know that,
Will be the end to your story,
So get together your courage and gear,
And make you a shiv,
If you got that,
You need to melee yourself to live,
But if it’s time to go,
And you know the game can’t be won,
Take everyone out, NAIL BOMB. BOOM!.

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