Not much to say today, except some nifty posts that are geared for the weekends. Some may be missable, I am not going to lie. I get so excited for the weekend via I tend to have many passion projects, hauls, tv show reviews I wanted to share, that has to do with my core content. My website is about expression, freedom, creativity, bright colors and awesome abstract words, art, poetry and stories. So adding some new elements of fun and keeping the words flowing is ideal.

I always feel like the weekend is where you can blow off some steam. Laugh a little, keep on your pajamas for longer via maybe no work. More time to clean, food shopping, play with the dog more, see the cat go crazy and do weird things. I was starting a mini garden that think would be cool (probably won’t share that here, but on my instagram, why not). So much to escape into the weekends with.

What do you look forward to on the weekend? Any games you play or cool routines?

Photo by Sincerely Media
Photo by Laura Chouette

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