What is the earliest memory you have?

Another post of bloganuary. 🙂

Earliest memory wow, that’s a great topic. I remember life as a kid in Jamaica, where life was so simple. I can’t say I can remember the exact age, but luckily my mother through photos caught my life growing up, so memories were able to flow better.

I remember having a stuff smurf teddy, and walking around the house. Jumping on the bed wild and crazy, to do drops like in wrestling on tv. I remember watching entirely way too much looney tunes. That was like my favorite pastime.

Listening to music and not understand what the hell was playing, but knew enough how to press play and flip a cassette in the stereo. I remember the alley ways for which neighbors and family use to come by and say hi to my parents and always excited to see me, the shy guy in the neighborhood.

This a good memory to remember for me, back in the days.

Photo by Jusdevoyage

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