In my life I have gained one perspective when I was ready to make a breakthrough, Go Hard or Go Home. In order to be successful you have to do things you have never done. You have to condition yourself for obstacles you have never encounter and be ready and be equip to overcome when the time get hard.

I want to push myself to another breakthrough in life. It does look or sound sexy but the results I am willing to handle.

For me, this mean a certain period of my life are long endless nights, a lot raw emotions shared, me pushing myself past my comfort zone, and be ready for the opinions and reactions of others. I have quite a thick skin, and I always rally for others to be great in what they want. For me the small amounts of effort does work, I have to go wild. Some of the actions taken are never explained, but the results will pure in.

My precise actions to take to achieve my goals, are:

  • After working a 9-5, work for myself another 9 to 5.
  • Schedule your ass off, (not machine like lol) but time management is crucial.
  • Take bigger risks, in getting your name out there. Be real authentic and create a connection or emotion someone can connect with.
  • Define what the result or success of your efforts are and what it may look like.
  • Give myself deadlines and hold myself hugely accountable.
  • Be fearless.
  • Celebrate the small wins through measurable metrics. You can’t only be cruel to yourself in a sense and not treat yourself nicely with delightful things.

I at times think of myself as an athlete as I was a former athlete and in order to perform well, you must learn, adapt try new techniques and methods in order to be better.

Oh by the way, I was a track & field, soccer, and tennis player in high school and college. 🙂

Photo by Ainārs Cekuls

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