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Hi everyone, wow, it’s May already? Geez, I am so happy for us all, the summer is soon here. I had a good time read a lot of new blogs and meeting cool writers. Last month was National Poetry Writing Month, for which I had chose to write more haiku than anything. I haven’t write a good amount in a while, so I took the opportunity to add some words to my writing style.

What do you all have planned for May?

I work hard on the aesthetic on my website. I love colorful and quality photographs and images. I believe it may have been a gift and a curse, so I wasn’t sharing myself the writer and curator a lot. I was looking into things a bit too deeply. I wasn’t having all the fun I thought I was having. In May a spent a great deal reflecting and I was like, c’mon Jixi, just be yourself. Let it out. Laugh more and just be cool.

The coolest is now here.

What was a great memory for you this past month?

Photo by Megan Ruth

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