Daily Archives: May 22, 2023


I thought I found love,
On my way,
Didn’t realized at the time,
That love was going to find me,
The sweet innocence of conversations,
That randomly popped up,
Soon after and cute smile,
And we exchanged numbers,
Now looking at my phone as her name pops up,
How did we get here?
I remembered the day of us meeting,
We were not pleasant so much to each other,
But somehow we connected as if the world had a secret,
But clearly we didn’t know,
I was lost in her eyes and voice,
Didn’t want to stop talking,
Even though our thoughts were not one,
At the time,
To the mountains we climbed,
The journey wasn’t very sweet,
But on the top,
Like cherry on ice cream,

Photo by Amy Shamblen

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