Daily Archives: May 18, 2023


Searching for you,
Even though I am lost myself,
I want to search the world,
But I can’t help myself,
I checked my pockets,
And a note was found,
To an address,
Just out of town,
Should I go,
Should I go,
Are you crazy?
It’s amazes me,
Going on adventures and trips,
Searching for your love,
My laces are not tied,
So I know I am going to trip,
Fixed on finding you,
My soul is destined,
I must make the 1st step,
If I don’t go along the path,
The goal from the journey,
I won’t get,
Let go for the distractions,
Be drawn in by the attraction,
To explore the unknown,
Matured for years now,
I am now grown,
Taking chances and assess the risks,
When I find you,
It would be worth everything.

Photo by Matthew Henry

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