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Today I had challenged my willingness to endure throughout a tough day. Going over the decision making last night, I was pretty sure I was setting myself up for burnout. I had 2 meetings with clients in the morning, and tons of errands and motions. In and out of buildings, packaging, waiting, needing of food, getting a drink, it was quite a rough pattern.

But what if I said, I did it. I completed all tasks. I kept a positive light and output and continued to smile while a good amount of things were breaking in front of me. I can truly say, I see myself doing this more. I love a challenge, I love to win, but the biggest part I love to learn myself and improve. The best part of everything is what I can take from the experience and lessons learned, with a good story or prompt, for which I am writing now. Well, in past tense, what I have just written. 🙂

What was your challenge of the day?

What made you smile today?

Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova

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