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Mysterious lustful feelings,
Heavily based on a chase,
To win a treasure so pure,
Something that makes the heart beats,
Engaging all the senses,
Dense and crazy to conceal,
A beast unleashed upon the scene,
I want it bad,
I scheme,
I rumble,
I shake,
I can’t help himself,
How do I escape?
It’s hard to deal,
It’s hard to break,
It’s now my pain,
My heart breaks…


Jixi Fox


Black as my skin,
I stand for black power,
Unified as blacks,
I cast black shadows,
Black is beauty,
I black out into my thoughts,
I am black everyday,
Being black is what I was taught,
I live within black ambition,
Even my dreams go black,
I awake to better black future,
I am proud to be black.


Jixi Fox