As The Page Turns, Amateur Night – Jixi Fox [#Poetry]

Bowery Poetry Club

I going to turn the page and see what I have done,

I don’t bust no shots, I need not carry a gun,

What I do is party hard and have me some fun,

I ain’t scare of nobody, so I ain’t got to run,

All of my life I been happy like 5 times,

When I was about 9 I started to write rhymes,

Most were jokes I guess it was just a sign,

When I get older and bolder I am going to shine,

Like it’s a dark night and a shooting star appears,

The only things nappy is my weed and my hair,

It’s once upon a time blah blah I don’t care,

If my moms see this it’s probably gonna disappear,

I hate to be fake but I like fishing on the lake,

My girl said she wanted cake, I gave her some flour and said go bake,

Why should I be bothered with troubled people for Christ sake,

That’s what I wonder, like wonder bread in which don’t taste so great.


As The Page Turns, Amateur Night
by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

(*Note (backstory)): This is a very old poem I wrote, mixing and match thoughts, as I was just an amateur with no direction but the goal of knowing I will be better and great down the line.  As I keep writing and my pages turn, I will learn and pass my amateur nights.


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