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Dragon Fireball Attack

I take flight with fury,
All I spit is flames,
I am mystical yes a creature,
They talk about me everyday,
Tattooed all over people’s body,
If I took your goat I am sorry,
I am just that awesome in the world,
I am only letting you know if you haven’t heard,
My wings when flapped blows houses away,
Only approach me with a sword if you are brave,
We can always do battle but trust me I am going to win,
At the end of the war only my voice you shall hear so let’s sing.

If I were a dragon, I would probably be one that’s just reckless and silly.  I would swoop down and stashed someone up and just take them on a trip.  I wouldn’t be like a violence type, but more the one would surprise you.  I would fly high, fast and do cool tricks in sky and just travel to different places in the world and be cool.

Q: If you were a dragon, how would you be?


It’z Jixi

*Note: These written poetic and lyrics pieces are simply just jokes and comedic word play driven by poetry, free verse and haiku.  So please enjoy for the sake of comedy and a good laugh.

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