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How would I melt in your mouth,
Or better yet in your hands,
For I would have your taste buds popping,
Licking your lips viciously,
Because you can’t control the overwhelming thirst,
For this chocolate,
You might go to bed early for this chocolate,
Or wake up extra early for this chocolate,
You will tell your friends about this chocolate,
You will add this chocolate with everything you eat,
Well, maybe not everything, but you will want to,
My chocolate will bring people together,
It will help sad people smile more,
And for the people who already laugh too damn much,
After one hit you will have a calm demeanor of cool and logic,
So share my chocolate here and there,
Blog about my chocolate,
Just remember to tell everyone it’s sweet,
And will cause you to smile without wanting to.

If I were chocolate, I would be so good and have like the coolest of names.  It would be everywhere to be bought.  I would even used in some many other random dishes and treat to make the world crave me.  Valentine’s Day and Christmas I would be a smash hit.  I might even be on everybody’s lips.  I would have Vegan Chocolate, Gluten Free Chocolate, Fat Free, No Calories, and much more…I would make it all possible if I was chocolate.  I want everyone to enjoy me.

Q: If you were chocolate, what type of chocolate would you be?  How would you taste?


It’z Jixi

*Note: These written poetic and lyrics pieces are simply just jokes and comedic word play driven by poetry, free verse and haiku.  So please enjoy for the sake of comedy and a good laugh.

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