Daily Archives: October 16, 2014




So presidential would I be,
Speaking for the people and to the people would be me,
Down to earth ready to tackle the hardships we may have,
Planning for our futures and building a stronger foundation,
I would listen and learn,
I would lead and move my feet further ahead.
As you surpass our trials, I shall salute you,
Freedom and powerful is what I want for us.

If I were president, I would simply focus on the future, education, the people and our health and build something strong to help all our families go further and survive.

Q: If you were president, what type of president would you be?


It’z Jixi

*Note: These written poetic and lyrics pieces are simply just jokes and comedic word play driven by poetry, free verse and haiku.  So please enjoy for the sake of comedy and a good laugh.

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