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Slow creeping on the street in my low rider,
Headlights beaming, because homie was a night rider,
I didn’t want to show my true colors,
I was waiting outlining them like highlighter,
Now I puff puff puff,
While getting higher and higher,
I show you the beauty,
You made me a beast,
I made a rap career in the west,
Wasn’t appreciate in the east,
I still kept the violence down,
Even prepped up my style,
Had all the sexy mami wanting to have my child,
Once wild but calm now,
I throw the furthest I got the arm now,
I had to juice and made the juice,
Grinning drinking jin for every inch,
So wavy but still will never strike out.

Jixi Fox


Photo Image: Snoop Dogg
Photo Credit:
 To whom is its rightful copyright owner.


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