Oh no no no,
It’s christmas time again,
I want to hang with my friends,
But the family is huddling,
We are going to exchange gifts,
Sing some carols and make things,
I was ready to run out in the winter weather,
Then grandma said,
Oh no no no,
Not without your brand new sweater.
That thing was ugly I can’t lie,
I rather rot inside and die,
I ain’t wearing that,
Just in time to end my ugly sweater rap.


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Author: Jixi Fox

Hi, I'm Jixi. I'm a Free Verse Poet, Writer, Actor & Comedian, in New York City. I write poetic, lyric based storytelling creative poetry and comedic anecdotes. I enjoy meeting new people, make them laugh, create fun moments in life. Say hi some time, don't be shy. :)

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